BIC Evolution pencils represent a milestone in the world of pencil design, thanks to their sustainable innovation and exceptional performance. With over two decades of history, these pencils continue to set industry standards.

It all began in 1993, when BIC, after acquiring the renowned Conté brand in 1979, embarked on a bold research and development project. With the help of the unsurpassed 200 years of experience of this French brand, the first graphite pencil with a synthetic resin core was created. This marked the beginning of a real revolution in the pencil sector.

What makes BIC Evolution unique is their eco-friendliness. With 60% recycled materials used in their production, these pencils embody an enduring commitment to environmental sustainability. The interiors of BIC Evolution pencils are made using recycled plastic from old fridges and yoghurt pots, thus reducing the amount of waste and promoting the circular economy. Additionally, the pencils are always made in the Pas-de-Calais region of France, testament to BIC's pride in its local heritage.

The manufacturing process of BIC Evolution is a real patented industrial feat, known as "quadri-extrusion". This means that the lead, barrel, protective sheath and jacket are produced simultaneously in a single step. This method ensures that the pencils are incredibly durable, even when subjected to intense pressure on the paper. A one meter drop test fails to break them, and the components remain firmly together. Furthermore, these pencils can be sharpened without the risk of splinters, and their writing is easily erased.

Since 2009, BIC Evolution pencils have boasted the prestigious NF Environnement brand certification, a recognition of exceptional importance in the sector. BIC was the first company to achieve this certification, demonstrating its long-term commitment to environmental sustainability. The NF Environment label is reserved for products that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, without compromising performance.

BIC Evolution pencils are a tangible example of how innovation can marry with sustainability, and continue to lead the pencil industry towards a greener future. With their success story of over two decades, these pencils remain at the forefront of design and commitment to a better world.

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