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Highlighter Swing Cool

Stabilo Art. 140/70/275 - Available

For all those who want to reach people with their marketing campaigns who are frequently on the go and who find a pocket highlighter practical. Flat pocket-sized model with a practical clip. Two line widths for different highlighting methods. Fits into the smallest of pockets. Attractive, hip pens for school or on the go. Flat design stops the pen from rolling away.

€1.19 Discounted price

Highlighter Green Boss

Stabilo Art. 140/72 - Available

Highlighter made of 83% recycled plastics; classic STABILO BOSS shape with soft ergonomic grip zone. Two line widths, refillable ink. Long cap-off time – up to four hours. Advertising in brand quality from the inventors of highlighting. Rapidly growing target group; conscious of quality and the environment. 

€1.62 Discounted price

Highlighter Boss Neon

Stabilo Art. 140/60 - Available

Modern highlighter in a stylish, minimalistic tube design with a smooth finish, providing a comfortable, pleasant grip. Hip neon look available in yellow, green, orange, pink, magenta and white with yellow ink in two line widths.Water-based ink with anti-dry-out technology: 4 hours protection from drying-out makes concentrated work possible.

€1.57 Discounted price

Highlighter Boss Mini Pastellove

Stabilo Art. 140/07/7 - Available

The classic STABILO BOSS as a mini. This edition comes in trendy pastel shades with enchanting handlettering motifs. STABILO quality workmanship, ink and writing comfort. Won’t dry out thanks to long cap-off time. Emotional advertising option through cool, hip pens for school, uni or on the go that people will love to carry with them.

€2.39 Discounted price

Highlighter Boss Mini

Stabilo Art. 140/07 - Available

Anyone who wants their marketing campaigns to reach people who are often on the go and see a pocket highlighter as cute, fun or simply practical. The classic Highlighter STABILO BOSS as a mini. STABILO quality workmanship, ink and writing comfort. Long cap-off time prevents drying out.

€1.55 Discounted price

Highlighter Boss Original

Stabilo Art. 140/70 - Available

On the market since 1971 and still the undisputed market leader. Two line widths, refillable ink. Long cap-off time – up to four hours. Standard version available in white with yellow ink and 9 neon and 6 trendy pastel colours.

€1.55 Discounted price

Brite Liner Grip

Bic Art. 1192 - Available

Highlight your message with precision and control thanks to the textured rubberised grip!

€1.58 Discounted price